Wednesday, March 6, 2013

When Worlds Collide

My cross-country bike comrade, McKinley, finally visited me in the Garden State. It was balls-to-the-wall mini adventures from the second I whisked her from the Amtrak, and now I feel like I've been pummled by a herd of African elephants. Not that an elephant would ever do such a thing to me, because I adopted Winkie for Christmas (it was a gift), so lets be honest, they know I'm a friend, never a foe.

In less than a 48 hour window, we went to a brewery with Rocket, possibly almost got thrown out of said brewery with our obnoxious stories and foul language, rode a wooden motorcycle at the diner with Kelly, rode bikes around the reservation, sipped chai lattes and snacked in a cafe afterwards (we ride to eat, duh), hopped a train to the city for McK's friends art opening, drank beers at a hip midtown bar with Beav and McK's friends, and once again, possibly almost got thrown out of the establishment. I think the waitress was either A) offended by our stories, or B) hated her job. My educated guess would be the former. The beer was delicious though, and I sampled a cider that tasted like Christmas. Oh, and I dodged a bullet on a parking ticket I rightly deserved. We did a song and dance when we realized my triumph over the parking police, and relished in the glory. Take that, Linden!

The song below goes out to McKinley, who is notorious for singing the wrong lyrics, but is always confident she's right. I know you were behind me on the bike, but the lyrics are not, "I will follow you." We made it work, and belted it out anyway.

Wooden motorcycles rule, obviously. Kelly was a little more ballsy with standing up on the wild hog. 

Just a healthy little snack from Tennessee to validate my love of BBQ chips.