Sunday, January 6, 2013

A New Year and a Bike Ride

On the first day of 2013, my friend Kelly (who refers to me as The Adventurer in her blog) and I met for a ride. When we ride together, I ride a little harder, and she takes it a bit easier. Ya see, Kelly is a triathelete who is often in training. I am not too serious, and like to belt out song lyrics when I ride. So I force her to smell the roses, and she forces me to pedal harder - it's a fun balance.

Our 36 mile ride started on a short section of a bike path, and eventually dropped us on the road. We passed apple orchards, farms, horses wearing plaid jackets, mansions, and best of all, Wawa. Because I was involved, we pulled over for hot chocolate and snacks. I'd like to point out that the triathelete ate a dirty water dog, or otherwise known as, lips and assholes. Gross.

The roads were very quiet, maybe everyone was busy nursing their hang-overs from welcoming a new year. Fine by me, I love quiet country roads, my favorite to bike on; nothing but the sound of tires rolling over smooth pavement, and the occasional changing of gears.

After our break, I was jacked up on sugar from the hot chocolate, but eventually lost all energy - the cold sure does a number when you're working hard. But I still had so much fun breaking a triathelete of her seriousness and singing dumb songs. She's lucky I didn't bring my harmonica, because I love playing it when I ride. Next time.

The riding around these here parts is less than enticing - it involves lots of cars, traffic lights, stop signs, and noise. I don't often have the treat of riding with a buddy, so I take advantage when I can - even though it means having to drive first. Plus, it's motivation to put in more miles and work harder.

Photo: Beast of Burden (BOB) and Rhonda looking very patriotic

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  1. Sounds like a great ride. And I would have ordered a "dirty water dog" too. Those boys are TASTY!