Thursday, January 10, 2013

Winter Hiking and the Bakery

Last weekends adventure was a 10 mile loop at the Water Gap with Jonathan and Joan. The temperature has finally dropped to winter-worthy numbers, and there's snow on the ground. I hear this week will shoot up into the high 40's though, unacceptable for January.

After a slippery, icy climb up the mountain, we were treated to some powdery conditions. The cold and snow reminded me of hiking through the Smokies in '09, and how similar the weather was. Only contrary to the day of Clingmans Dome and white-out conditions, the view of the Gap was clear with deep blue skies. There was a nip to the air until we got over the ridge.

Saturday was one of the quietest days I've seen in a while, just the way I like it when hiking. We did bump into a group of 4, and Linda donned a hat that said "Kennebec River" on it - the Kennebec is in Maine. I mentioned previously crossing the river by canoe when I thru hiked. One of the others described the toothless hillbilly who shuttled him across, and as it turns out, it was the same hillbilly that shuttled me 3 years later. Small world, but when it comes to the trail, that's standard.

We hiked the last few miles as the sun lowered itself toward the horizon. As we walked along Dunnfield Creek, I listened to the rush of the water. I also kept looking at the Christmas Fern that lines the trail. Rocket taught me about Christmas Fern a few years ago, before I knew there was more than one species of fern. And now you do, too.

No hike at the Gap is ever complete without a stop at the Village Farmer, the best bakery on the planet. I settled for a black bean burger and a slice of strawberry rhubarb pie. Mmm!

Here's a photo from the last little bit of trail before we finished up, and one from the bakery of awesome.


  1. It was a great hike! And the quiet stretch was wonderfully quiet. Almost surprisingly so...

  2. What a great statement about finding mini adventures in everyday life! The hike was great and the beauty of the quiet winter woods was so nice!