Monday, February 4, 2013

Silence Please

Today didn't provide an adventure per se, but it provided me with something I don't often get but always crave: pure, unadulterated silence. For 30 luxurious minutes, I threw my feet up, cuddled the dog, and read the newest issue of Adventure Cyclist magazine. Which provided me with 30 minutes of adventure dreams.

Silence is therapeutic, and if you've never treated yourself to it, then give it a whirl. Life is entirely too loud, so even just a short time in silence can be healing. I'm still extremely sensitive to noise nearly 4 years after my thru hike, and often drive with the radio off. And when I'm in the woods alone, I take time to stand in place, just listening to the absolute peace that surrounds me.

In other news, I must have stepped in crap, because a little luck came my way today. A friend that works in a local bike shop asked me if I was still looking for a road bike. Hell yes! So I managed to score a 90's model Trek for $20 and a case of Coca Cola. The only downside is that it's not a compete bike, so it needs to be built up. I have a little project ahead of me.

If you've learned nothing at all from this post, at least go sit in silence for 5 minutes to attempt to reclaim the time you spent here.


  1. Patrice, I completely understand about the silence aspect of life. TV is always screaming 3 stories at once while words fly across the bottom of the screen. It's too much!! I love the quiet sounds of the natural world on a hike. It's so theraputic. Great deal on the bike!!

  2. So, so true, Stormy. I found it to be such a treasure last week when, instead of sitting in front of the computer to work while I eat breakfast, I was forced not to because we didn't have internet yet. Instead, I read Kinfolk (surprise!), and it was the most wonderful way to start the day. Glad you got a moment, friend. And HOORAY for the bike!